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A Comprehensive Tax Planning, preparation and Filing!

We provide personalized tax services, our staff pays personal attention to our each individual
clients and take complete ownership of their requirements and
will put 100% seamless efforts to meet their expectations.
We Promise Accuracy, Quality and Compliance to you.

Monetro Assurance - Just a click away

We understand our client’s requirements better than any.
We take complete ownership of your tax filing.
We made the filing process simple and easy.
We represent on your behalf.
We respect your faith on us.

Maximum Tax Refund Guaranteed

We are an Experienced and certified tax professionals, With our boundless tax knowledge ,
combined industry experience and work hard nature and
seamless efforts and maintaining the theme of quality and Accuracy,
we understand and give an utmost value to our clients requirements.
We maintain the standards even higher than required by the IRS.
Tag line - your tax return is 100% accurate or we pay

Optimized ways to save your taxes.

We Simplify your Taxes.
One stop shop to file your taxes.
Tax filing made easier than ever! A Valued Support.

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Monetro is a leading Tax service provider, emerging as a pioneer in providing Tax Services for H1B/L1 or Consultants working on Client Projects, Students working on OPT/CPT, Business Owners and High Net worth Individuals.

We believe that we could be very helpful in reducing your tax liability for this Tax year if we were afforded the opportunity to be of service to you in the area of Tax Planning and Preparation. We are, by nature, a conservative firm and steer away from tax shelters we consider questionable or borderline at best. There are a sufficient number of ways to safely shelter income that are both unquestionable and constitute prudent investments.

Since our service lends itself so well for filing of your Tax Returns, we would appreciate having an opportunity to speak with you about how we can help you to cut down on unnecessary Tax burdens.

Our Tax Training Center offers a simple, convenient way to LEARN how to prepare tax returns so you can potentially EARN more money. Some students even go on to find jobs as tax preparers in our local office Find out more about our Tax Training Center Enrollment in, or completion of, course is neither an offer nor a guarantee of employment. Additional training, experience or skills may be required. our office is independently owned and operated.

The traditional instructor-led training to the desktop is Classroom Training. It correlates to hours of class time. Classroom training Provide personal attention to each and every person, and immediate advice to students. Strengthen learning from class discussions and Classroom learning can also allow for more time.

The learning process in some people takes quite a bit of time, so a classroom setting is ideal for the patience and environment required. While e-learning can often imprison a learner in a solitary timeless existence, a classroom enables a learner to experience support from peers and instructors. This gives a sense of encouragement and belonging to the student, allowing more time to learn things properly.

Our Process - Fast and Easy

Our responsive system is Fast and the tax preparation and filing process made so easy for our clients, and working towards providing most convenient service


We focus on quality to provide a accurate filing by doing the right math at right time.


With our Tax Experience, We pay attention towards giving you the best in taking care of your business and assurance of your tax filing with utmost accuracy.

Live Support

We would be most happy to help always and value your business to us, Hence we know our clients more than any. your feedback on our response matters a lot for us.

End to end service

Taking up the responsibility from start of preparation till filing process is completed.

More Value

We follow Eithical, professional and trust based business, and we keep all our customers and their values in mind, Values are very important for us to sustain.


Personalized Services

Bring us your tax information and leave the rest to us. One of our Registered tax return preparers will call when your return is ready to be approved and filed.

Year round Service

During peak season our hours are extended with evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule, in addition you’ll have no trouble finding us the remainder of the year we’re available year round.

Guaranteed Professional fast and accurate

Before your return is filed, we make sure you’re completely satisfied with your experience. We eFile every return. Last year nearly 100 million taxpayers opted for the safest, fastest and easiest way to submit their individual tax return to the IRS.

We do it Right: Tax Preparation and Planning

We assure that your return has been checked and double-checked for mathematical accuracy and errors that are commonly flagged by the IRS, resulting in fewer chances for contact by the IRS.

Pre Tax Planning for managing your payroll withholding so that you can have the advantage of greater income all year long, rather than getting your money stuck with the government and waiting for it to come back in the form of your yearly tax return. A list of common deductions that may benefit you in the Tax year, and Planning for limiting your future tax liability.

Other core service electronic filing for a quicker refund, ITIN filing service, FBAR, Students and special visa cases, and Foreign earned Income Tax payers.

Our Process

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Your filing year

Schedule Interview

Provide your tax notes

Upload Documents

Tax preparation,W2, 1099-INT etc.

View Tax Return

Make payment

Review & Confirm

File your tax return

"We at Monetro welcome you to file
your tax return with us"

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What We Do

Tax Preparation & Filing

Tax preparation and Filing A Comprehensive Tax Planning, preparation and Filing!

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Monetro is ideally positioned to drive real end-to-end business impact.

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Financial and Tax Planning

Multi State- Planning
arrow Foreign Tax Credit

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Business Outsourcing

Monetro has a disciplined team of highly experienced tax professionals who understand...

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